1. Take a Boat Ride in the Ocean

Rent a small boat and cruise alongside the five quaint sea-side towns onto the ocean. Perfect for a half-day adventure or to escape the crowds on land.

2. Walking Tour of Five Towns

Take a self-guided tour of the five small towns which comprise Cinque Terre and learn about the history and people who have lived on the coast-side. Explore the small streets and local food venders, while also snapping photos of the many colorful buildings which line the cobble stone pathway.

3. Overlook a Stunning View

Take a breathtaking moment to peer over the edge of each city and look over a horizon of expansive ocean, small houses, vibrant flowers, and a cliffside your heart will never forget.

4. Swim with Locals

Many of the towns have docks for small boats which locals and tourist come together for a daily dip in the ocean. Pop over to the nearest swimming hole in the town you’re staying and take a dip with some friendly people for some awesome memories.

5. Hike Along the Coast

A very popular activity in Cinque Terre is to hike from town to town. Each pathway differs between the town, but stun in similarity of endless ocean views, large grape vineyards, cliffside views, and overhead looks of each little town you’ve just passed.

6. Romantic Picnic by the Ocean

Climb to the bottom of the cliff with your lover and cuddle up beside the ocean waves for a secluded getaway with stunning views of Cinque Terre.

7. Travel by Train

Who needs a car when you have a train? Many locals and visitors often skip the car rentals and travel around Cinque Terre by their train system. A quick and convenient way to move from town to town, test out the local route and learn how to take the trains.

8. Catch the Sunset

Never miss a sunset in Cinque Terre. I assure you that you’ll regret not experiencing every single sun downer in this beautiful city. The stunning views of Cinque Terre never cease to amaze any traveler, so take it up a notch by trying to catch the sunset in every single town.

9. Dine by the Ocean

Whether it’s a gelato on the beach or a delectable Italian lunch next to the ocean, take the time to experience a casual yet sensual dining experience next to the sea. Unless this is something you can easily achieve at home, I recommend you take full advantage of the opportunity to eat your meal and have an amazing ocean view.

10. Ocean….Everything

Breathe in the ocean, take photos of the ocean, swim in the ocean, dine by the ocean, boat along the ocean, hike beside the ocean…..just do everything next to the ocean in Cinque Terre because I assure you it’ll be amazing.



    1. I traveled to Cinque Terre in 2013 when there were no permits required. From what I’ve read and heard from other travelers, Cinque Terre currently doesn’t need a permit for travel. 🙂

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