1. Sunset Cruise

Cruise along the Zambezi river during sundown and witness hippos, crocodiles, and even elephants grazing along the banks. Perfect for a chill night out, a romantic evening, or a laid back safari experience. Being on water also gives the opportunity to get quite close to many of the animals.

2. White Water Rafting

An intense activity for anyone searching for thrill and adventure, white water rafting provides a spectacular experience to get wet and wild while also enjoying a spectacular view of the gorge which splits between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Before you buckle into your raft, you must deliberately sign your life away, so make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

3. Microlight Flight

An incredible experience is to strap into a microlight and witness the Victoria Falls from a bird’s eye view! Absolutely marvelous, this activity will leave you breathless at the scenery below. If you’d rather feel more free and lightweight in the air, microlight flight is perfect for you. If you’d rather feel more secure and strapped in, then perhaps sign up for a helicopter tour which also offers spectacular views of the falls.

4. Elephant Riding

A leisurely activity to enjoy a morning stroll while engaging with the magnificent African elephant. The day starts early and you’re wakened by the slow cruising of an elephant as you swing both your legs over its sides and hold on the saddle of the guide sitting in front of you. Certainly a great family activity for something less adventures which engages with wildlife.

5. Victoria Falls

Perhaps one of the wettest activities you’ll experience while in Zambia, drench yourself in the luscious mist of the great Victoria Falls. Trails wind through a gated entrance to the falls, some of which are more dry than others. If you’re searching for stunning views of the falls, you’ll find no better place than the national park. If you’re keen on getting the best photography and light, I highly recommend you stay during sunset and catch the light beaming on the fall’s mist. If you’re keen for an adventure and want to be completely drenched, head to “Danger Point” and cross over the bridge to be closer than you’d please to the mist of the falls. If you’d rather stay dry and secure the functionality of your electronics, you can rent a poncho. Tip: Don’t buy a poncho at one of the curio shops prior to entering the national park, they have thicker—more durable—ponchos for rent on the inside of the park gate.


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