Lately, I’ve been spending quite some time on Tumblr trying to fill up those days when the weather is a bit chilly and the bed is a bit warm and comfortable. You know those days.

For those of you in the United States, you’re currently approaching Summer season. Lucky you! For myself and those others in Cape Town, South Africa, we’re currently approaching Winter season, which means Fall is now starting to become less like cardigans and knit scarves to full on rain boots and heavy coats. But in all honesty, rain, sun, cold, hot, I love it all. 🙂

Recently I’ve been lying in bed with plenty of time on my hands and a laptop full of possibilities – a.k.a. the internet. What better way to spend a cold and drabby day than cuddling up with a cup of tea and the absolute best friend one could ask for on one of these days: Tumblr.

When I started Tumblr, reblogging photos of other people’s snapshots was a way for me to express myself onto an outlet that would both occupy and stimulate me. I’m personally a visual person, so Tumblr was the perfect medium.

What excites me most about travel is culture. You’ll find on my Tumblr I reblog a lot of photos of landscapes, culture, people, and occasionally cute animals. As I told my boyfriend, who has never really used Tumblr, you can tell a lot about someone based on their Tumblr profile due to what they choose to reblog and how they express themselves. I am no exception, so please enjoy this post, and if you like it, feel free to follow my Tumblr as well. It’s like a telescope into my soul. 😉

1. http://world–at–
The Tumblr which inspired this post, World at Large. As I mentioned, I’m a visual person, which means I get easily stimulated by pretty pictures and diagrams. After stumbling upon this blog literally an hour ago (the last of which has been spent scrolling and reblogging through it’s page), I couldn’t help but feel heavily inclined to share it’s unique majesticness with the world. Not sure if “majesticness” is a word btw, but it is now. World at Large reblogs photos based on a particular color scheme. I find this blog simply marvelous and whoever runs it has an amazing eye for photography, as well as blending photos together to express the genuine and cultural beauty of travel.

Another blog I found recently, I was immediately drawn to it’s similar scheme of reblogging photos based on their color patterns. The twist with this blog is that it reblogs mainly photos of Asian cultures, hence the name All Asian Flavours. A stunning visual with appealing photos of people, places, activities, and ancient ruins – all of which support Asia as an exquisite travel destination. Check this Tumblr out if you’re someone who can personally relate to Asian ethnicity and culture, or just love the Asia! If you’ve never known much about the large continent but would like to learn more through visuals, then definitely check this out to gain more perspective.

Perhaps the Tumblr I’ve been following for the longest, and the one which got me started on my travel reblogging journeys, is Tapio-Ca. I find that this specific blog gets reblogged and recycled through the Tumblr travel stream quite a bit, so it’s certainly one of Tumblr’s essential and backbone blogs for culture and travel. A lot of which makes the cultural traveler’s heart happy, you’ll find plenty of picturesque landscapes, smiling children, and of course, global diversity. If you’re looking for a well done, cohesive culture blog to follow but don’t know where to start, here you go. This is your winner.

James is the runner and founder of My World View Photography. A traveler himself, he’s taken gorgeous shots from all over the world and his blog showcases portraits of his adventures. The entire blog is made up of only his artwork which makes it unique to other travel blogs out there who mainly reblog photos (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I truly appreciate James’ unique eye and what he chooses to capture whilst globe trotting. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with James for one of my upcoming Morocco trips, which I noticed he had a couple of photos from. James gave me a very detailed, AMAZING guide on how I should explore the Arabic country and I’m extremely thankful for that, and for him running his blog for myself and others to discover. So please take my word honestly when I say that James is an awesome dude and definitely deserves your follow. Go check him out!

And at last, the Tumblr which I probably reblog the most from, Visit the World. When I’m searching for those snapshots with a different view of the world, I turn to Visit the World which provides a plethora of wonderful photos ranging from European alleyways, stunning natural landscapes, global sunset views, etc. A great blog to follow if you’re looking to get a taste of travel from all corners of the world and discover what parts really interest you.

And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and don’t forget to also check out my Tumblr and give it a follow if you like it.


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