“Do what you love and love doing it.
Eventually you’ll find yourself exactly where you want and need to be.”

– Pamela Sendee

At two years old, I experienced my first journey to Thailand with my mother. By the age of six, I knew I wanted to honeymoon in Greece. Finally at eighteen, I bought a plane ticket to Africa to travel for six weeks.

I’ve wanted to travel my whole life. Travel is not only a dream, but a passion, and little did I know it would become my greatest life journey. (Tweet this)

Who Am I?

My name is Pamela Sendee, an adventurous soul with restless feet and a globally curious mind. My mission in life is to live to the absolute fullest and run wherever my heart takes me.

I started to travel at 18 years old. My first trip was to Hawaii to visit a friend. My second trip…six countries in Africa over 2 months. It’s safe to say I was hooked, and clearly out of mind in the best way possible.

Since my adventures as a rookie traveler, I’ve traveled across 30+ countries on 6 continents. I now reside in Cape Town, South Africa as my home base.

I enjoy life with my travelholic partner, Phil, and my South African puppy, Journey. What an appropriate name, right?

I currently operate a nonprofit organization called Humans of Change, travel blog at, and am starting my first business in travel.

What I Do?

During my last year of high school I took an “Introduction to Careers in Teaching” course and discovered my love for education.

My first trip to the continent of Africa changed my entire life the moment I walked into the Mosi Oa Tunya secondary school in Zimbabwe.

The Head Master of the school guided me through classrooms, proudly showing off the success of his institution as I was being personally introduced to students and teachers.

The passion for education these students and teachers shared was an eyeopening experience which left me awestruck.

Each and every individual yearned for a quality education more than anything, and the commitment and passion behind the eyes of all the Zimbabwean students I met that day left a mark on my life I’ll never forget.

Arriving home after those 2 months of traveling, I immediately immersed myself into the world of global education.

Eight months later, I founded Humans of Change, an international education nonprofit which works to alleviate poverty and create sustainability through education.

Humans of Change has since built a school in a rural village of Kenya for 10,000 students.

How I Got Started?

Travel is less about how much money you have now and more about how much you’re willing to commit to accomplish a goal in the future.

Ten years before I started traveling, my family opened up a Thai restaurant which eventually became the foundation to earning my way to travel.

Once I graduated high school, I realized I had the freedom to set my own daily schedule for work and school.

My goal was to stay on track with my education while also earning enough money to travel for 6-8 weeks of the year.

I committed to going to school full-time, taking about 20-23 units per semester, while also being employed full-time working 40-45 hours per week.

My commitment to travel and school meant spending most of my nights waiting tables and earning tips as best as I could, and days glued to a table in a coffee shop for 6-7 hours in one sitting.

My lifestyle didn’t consist of movies on the weekend, parties, or brunches with friends. Each penny I saved from cutting down on unnecessary daily expenses pushed me closer towards my goal of traveling the world.

The result was the ability to travel to multiple destinations in a single year and return home with valuable life-changing experiences.

Bucket List

I try to keep my Bucket List as updated and true to heart as possible. I weed out all the small things like “skydive in Switzerland” or “eat exotic foods in Vietnam” and really try to understand what it is in life that I want to accomplish not only as a traveler, but a human being who wants to leave a positive influence on the world. If there’s anyway to get to know someone on a deeper level, their BL would be a good start.

  • Build 100 schools
  • Create a nonprofit organization
  • Travel the world
  • Have a dog
  • Live by the beach
  • Shape a healthier lifestyle (eating, exercise, organic products)
  • Inspire others
  • Be on a taping of Ellen Degeneres
  • Learn 3 languages
  • Live on another continent

Learn More…

More about my journey here: The Power of Change

Life is short; do what you want to do, live each day to it’s fullest, and find your passions.

This is my visual diary of doing all that and more.



  1. Hey Pamela! What a beautiful life and site and story! I’m thrilled you gave a little like on one of our company’s Instagram photos so that I could get a glimpse at what you’re up to. I’d love to one day get to the point where I could do what I do (painting and making while running a gallery space) COMBINED what what you are doing. I try to travel overseas at least once a year and am slowly but surely getting to all of the adventures on my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi,
    You liked my picture and I learned of your beatifully organized webside
    With lots of amazing pictures.
    We also travel a lot.

  3. I truly admire you ! I want to be a traveler like u. Life is very limited but we have chance to choose our life . But I am a college student, i think i should finish my college after that maybe i will be a traveler and writer . I want to see the world and write what i was thinking, when i am old i will have many fantasy memories! I want to be your friend!!

  4. Hey this is really impressive Pamela! I would like to invite you to Sri Lanka and help you experience the lush golden beaches fringed with coconut palms, the terraced paddy fields, tea cultivation, the majestic ruins of the great empires, wild life & elephants which are just a few oriental luxuries!

    Good luck!

  5. first i would like to thank you for LIKE! I had read your profile and see all your photos, I LOVE it all! I am thai too 🙂 I hope one day i will get a chance to travel like you. Now i am saving money to travel! you are inspire me!

  6. Hi Pamela,
    My friend is on the Ellen set just about every week as a set decorator. I will send her your link and see if it goes anywhere. Love what you are doing, not making excuses, just finding a way.
    Hope you get to make a new bucket list soon! 🙂
    Your friend,

  7. Hi! I love reading your page. And you have awesome photos too. I always want to travel but unfortunately I wasn’t able to YET. You inspire me soooo much I’m going to start saving and planning NOW.
    I follow you on bloglovin’ too. 🙂

  8. Hi Pamela,
    Thank you for liking one of my pictures on Tumblr. That is how I found this beautiful site of yours, reading about you and what you have accomplished surely is an inspiration to me and others. I will continue to follow you and be inspired. I also live traveling, and rather spend money on a new adventure than on a night out. I haven two children whom I hope will love Travelling as much as I do, and will stop at nothing to explore the world, meet new faces and new places. Thank you for finding you.

  9. Hey Pamela! Nice to meet you first of all! It means a lot to me when you like one my few photos on my start-up instagram for my blog. It’s really kind of you to do this! Then I look at your instagram. OMG, you have been to Jordan, that’s probably one of the must go in my bucket list (together with Peru and Morocco). This is a really beautiful site and I get inspired on how to improve mine as well! Your photos are amazing yet real, I mean I can almost feel like I see the place myself. Looking forward to your move and new posts and constantly get motivated by your blog too!

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Definitely put a smile on my face. 🙂 Jordan was certainly on my must-go-to places list and Morocco and Peru as well. I’ve been to Morocco and it is stunning! Have yet to go to Peru but am planning a trip later this year. You’re welcome to join if you’re able. Best of luck with all your endeavors and I greatly appreciate your support!

  10. I am truly inspired by you and your goals that you have set out for yourself. Seeing you start up a non-profit can seem daunting, but for you it might have been easy as your vision in life lined up with your mission to help. I love your travel adventures and I hope to continue reading and seeing pictures of them. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you on your journey. Thank you for allowing me to be just a small part of it. All the best, Pamela.

  11. Pamela,

    How very nice it is to introduce myself to you; my role model. I learned of you only thirty short minutes ago, but I feel as if I may have met myself in another person. You are everything I want to be, doing nothing everything I want to do, and going everywhere I want to go. You read my short on Tumblr about yearning to travel, and just by seeing who the person was who liked my post, I found a whole new world to view. I love the passion you have for traveling, and for education. I have always felt close to education, although having a child at 21 changed some plans I had including studying education to teach abroad, and traveling. I ache so badly that I can’t travel the world, that I can’t teach, and that can’t do what I am certain I am meant to do. But bravo to you! I applaud you for your abundant courage, drive, and way of life. It is absolutely beautiful. You enjoy yourself, where you may be in the world, and whatever you’re doing. You are a true inspiration. I need to be more like you. Thank you for enlightening me.

    Farewell, Summer Farrand

  12. Hi Pamela!

    I found you on IG. I just read your bio and I am so impressed with your lifetime goals. I am a teacher/counselor and love visiting schools when abroad. I recently visited east africa (tanzania) and visited one of their locals schools. It was such a humbling experience! I admire you for what you do. Those kids need you! All the best!


  13. Hey, Pamela! Thank you for the like on my tumblr post about my most recent trip to South Korea! It was my second trip travelling abroad; I am 18 years old and I went with my school that has some extravagently rewarding programs. I really appreciate your page because you inspire me to follow my dreams by publicizing that it is possible to travel and make a living while doing so. I want to be a journalist and record my travels like you do, I have found a passion for exploring and learning about life and new cultures; I felt the seed years ago but only now do I visualize the sprout bursting through the soil of my imagination. I am ready to take on my life and to welcome others in with open arms.

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