I am so excited to collaborate with @thoughtfulhuman, an incredible company changing the way we perceive and engage with mental health.

Over the years, mental and emotional health topics have become very near and dear to my heart. Having personally experienced and diagnosed with severe depression, I cannot emphasize enough how frightening, isolating, and life debilitating it can feel when you’re struggling with mental health issues.

Thoughtful Human advocates radical kindness and empathy to help destigmatize mental health issues while providing a tool to aid open and honest communication with those who are going through challenging times. Not only do they challenge other topics such as cancer, addiction, and relationships, their products are eco-friendly and made with plantable seed paper. ?

If you’d like to learn more about their company and how you can shop their products, check out ThoghtfulHuman.co or find their merchandise in select Target and Whole Foods stores.

October 7, 2018